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Забавный тест про архетипы

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, правда - по английски, пршу прощения.

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You're the explorer! According to Jung we can find this archetype in many myths and fairy tales. You're a restless nomad, always full of wanderlust. You see life as one big adventure and you're always planning your next move. This archetype thirsts for new experiences and new people. You're independent, adaptable, ambitious and true to yourself. Your sense of adventure is your greatest strength, but you may risk wondering aimlessly and you may find it difficult to choose a direction. Channel your adventurous spirit into something productive!



You're the caregiver! Jung identified this archetype in many goddesses and female role models throughout history. You're the mother figure: the selfless caregiver and helper. Everyone comes to you for advice. You truly love others as yourself and your greatest fear is selfishness and ingratitude. You manifest compassion and generosity. A Jungian psychologist would tell you to be careful not to be taken advantage of and never let yourself play the martyr.
  плять, я ещё и женщина.


Вы здесь » О социофобии и интроверсии » Тесты » Забавный тест про архетипы

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